The Noose Tightens on Trump

Commentators and analysts have feared a civil war in the United States for two years since Donald Trump insisted that the Democrats stole the election from him and that Joe Biden is not the legitimate president of the United States.

Trump himself launched the hostilities by inciting his supporters to invade the Capitol and prevent Vice President Mike Pence from ratifying the ballots in Congress that confirmed Trump’s defeat.

Republicans Are Getting Ready

Republican midterm candidates are following suit by rousing their constituents with campaign ads that show them, assault rifles in hand and in combat gear, saying they are preparing to take on their Democratic, liberal and socialist enemies. The whole planet, if necessary.

In one video, an overweight, bearded and sinister Trumpian candidate in Ohio walks through ruins with his AR-15 loaded and ready. He tells his constituents that America must be restored to its rightful place. His slogan is “Make America Dominant Again.” This candidate won a Republican nomination for office.

In Missouri, another Trumpian primary candidate, assault rifle in hand, vows to go after “Republicans in Name Only” and the Republicans who oppose Trump. The war is on! The Republican Party has turned into a neo-fascist association with armed phalanxes of the Proud Boys and other militias.

The Noose Tightens on Trump

The indolent Attorney General Merrick Garland has finally decided to act. He is no longer concerned that prosecuting Trump will appear political. He must now be much more concerned about the message it would send if he doesn’t indict. The federal investigation into Trump is advancing toward charges of inciting a riot and inciting an insurrection. Recent revelations before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol showed that the facts are indisputable about the central role Trump played in the unrest on Capitol Hill.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Pence’s two top advisers are cooperating with federal prosecutors, testifying before a grand jury about Trump’s illegal maneuvers to overturn the 2020 election results.*

Setting the World on Fire

Soon it will be Trump’s turn to be subpoenaed. No doubt he will refuse to obey the subpoena just as co-conspirator** Steve Bannon did, and he will find it hard to resist the temptation to barricade himself in Mar-e-Lago if the FBI seeks his arrest.

Do you think Trump would hesitate to call on his supporters and organized militias in more than 40 states to come to his defense? He might also encourage them to occupy symbolic or strategic U.S. government locations. The far-right militias, often made up of former military and police officers, have a stated goal of resisting the tyranny of the federal government.

A presidential bid by Trump for 2024 will further muddy the waters by complicating the criminal cases against him.

It’s not looking good for Trump and the United States.

*Editor’s note: References to illegal actions refer to alleged conduct that must be proved in a court of law.

**Editor’s note: Neither Trump nor Steve Bannon has yet been charged with or convicted of conspiracy.

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